Thursday, 27 June 2019

How much do you spend on lottery tickets every year?

At first it didn’t seem like that much, but after comparing it to my own past of picking up maybe 1 ticket a week, 카지노 쿠폰 it certainly trumps my $52/year. And is almost like picking up a ticket every day of the work week!

Of course I was only doing it for fun vs actually counting on winning – or worse, NEEDING to win! – so it only stung a little as it scrapped my “entertainment” budget, but boy was it fun and addicting… 카지노 테이블 Even though I literally lost almost every single time, haha… I can totally get why people say it’s a “tax on the poor” though as you get so much HOPE for literally just a dollar. And you “just never know” when it’ll be your lucky day! “Someone has to win it!”

Here were some other wild stats from the study too:

  • “Americans spent $71,826,676,000 on the lottery in 2017 which is more than video games ($43.8B), movies ($11.89B), and concerts ($8B) combined” <— WOW!!!
  • “Massachusettsans spent the most on the lottery at $737.01 per capita, which equates to nearly 2% of their annual household income”
  • “Rhode Island, Delaware, 카지노 펍 and New York were the next three biggest spenders, at $502.01, $475.75, and $426.27 per capita, respectively? (What is going on with the NorthEast??! Haha…)
And then my favorite:
  • “After we bought $1,000 worth of scratch-off tickets for the third consecutive year, our winning percentage from this year was 22.93% compared to last year’s 22.61% and the first year’s 21.62%. We can confidently say that your chance of winning on scratch-off tickets is ~22%.”